Rhipsalis Gaertn., Fruct. Sem. Pl. 1: 137. 1788, nom. cons., sec. Korotkova 2021



The circumscription of Rhipsalis - one of the oldest genera of the family - has changed repeatedly over time, and often Hatiora, Pseudorhipsalis and Lepismium, all now accepted at generic rank, were variously subsumed under Rhipsalis. The morphology-based circumscription of Rhipsalis by Barthlott & Taylor (1995) has been entirely confirmed as monophyletic with maximal support in the molecular phylogenetic study of Korotkova & al. (2011); the same result was shown by Calvente & al. (2011b), though with a less comprehensive sampling.
Rhipsalis is notable since R. baccifera (Sol.) Stearn is the only species of the family that naturally occurs outside the New World. A
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