Pelecyphora Ehrenb. in Bot. Zeitung (Berlin) 1: 737. 1843 sec. Sánchez & al. 2022



Pelecyphora used to be a genus of only two species, including the well-known P. aselliformis. The generic limits of Pelecyphora were recently clarified by the phylogenetic study of Sánchez et al. (2022) who found Pelecyphora nested within Escobaria with high support based on five chloroplast regions (matK, rbcL, psbA-trnH, rpl16, and trnL-F). Escobaria and Pelecyphora were therefore merged under the older name Pelecyphora and the genus now contains 20 species and 14 subspecies.A
A. Sánchez, D., Aquino, D., Arias, S. & Korotkova, N. 2022: Updates to the Cactaceae species-level checklist for the genera Coryphantha, Escobaria, and Pelecyphora. – Published online at