Gisekiaceae Nakai in J. Jap. Bot. 18: 102. 1942 sec. APG [Angiosperm Phylogeny Group] 2016



Gisekia was excluded from Aizoaceae and raised to family level by Nakai (1942). Recent molecular studies support the family status and show an isolated position of Gisekiaceae within core-Caryophyllales (Brockington & al. 2009; Schäfferhoff & al. 2009; Crawley & Hilu 2012; Bissinger & al. 2014).A
A. Hernández-Ledesma, P., Berendsohn, W.G., Borsch, T., von Mering, S., Akhani, H., Arias, S., Castañeda-Noa, I., Eggli, U., Eriksson, R., Flores-Olvera, H., Fuentes-Bazán, S., Kadereit, G., Klak, C., Korotkova, N. & Nyffeler, R. 2015: A taxonomic backbone for the global synthesis of species diversity in the angiosperm order Caryophyllales. – Willdenowia 45(3): 281-383