Talinaceae (Fenzl) Doweld, Prosyllabus Tracheophytorum: 42. 2001 sec. Nyffeler & Eggli (2010a)



Family with three genera and around 28 species mainly distributed in Africa, but with a few taxa distributed in the Americas and in the tropics around the world (Nyffeler & Eggli 2010). The species of this family are traditionally considered as members of Portulacaceae; however, molecular phylogenetic studies have shown that the traditional Portulacaceae are not monophyletic (Hershkovitz & Zimmer 1997; Applequist & Wallace 2001; Nyffeler 2007; Nyffeler & Eggli 2010; Ocampo & Columbus 2010). Nyffeler & Eggli (2010) proposed the segregation of the traditional Portulacaceae into four families (Anacampserotaceae, Montiaceae, Portulacaceae, and Talinaceae) based on morphological and molecular data.