Dioncophyllaceae Airy Shaw in Kew Bull. 6: 333. 1952 sec. APG III (2009)



A small family of woody lianas comprising three monotypic genera endemic to the Guineo-Congolian rainforest (Poremski & Barthlott 2003). The family is characterised by leaves with grapnels on branches or paired at the leaf apex, elongated funicles and large, discoid and winged seeds (Heubl & al. 2006). The family is considered as partially carnivorous because it includes both, carnivorous (Triphyophyllum Airy Shaw) and non-carnivorous taxa (Dioncophyllum Baill. and Habropetalum Airy Shaw). The studies by Heubl & al. (2006) and Renner & Specht (2011) concluded that within Dioncophyllaceae occurred a partial secondary loss of carnivory. See also notes under Ancistrocladaceae.