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Macarthuriaceae Christenh. in Phytotaxa 181(4): 240. 2014 sec. Christenhusz & al. 2014


A monogeneric family restricted to Australia. Macarthuria has been shown to be sister to all core Caryophyllales (Brockington & al. 2011; Christin & al. 2011) and a separate family Macarthuriaceae was proposed (Christenhusz & al. 2014).A


A. Hernández-Ledesma, P., Berendsohn, W. G., Borsch, T., von Mering, S., Akhani, H., Arias, S., Castañeda-Noa, I., Eggli, U., Eriksson, R., Flores-Olvera, H., Fuentes-Bazán, S., Kadereit, G., Klak, C., Korotkova, N., Nyffeler, R., Ocampo, G. & Ochoterena, H. 2015: A taxonomic backbone for the global synthesis of species diversity in the angiosperm order Caryophyllales. – Willdenowia 45(3): 281-383