Caryophyllales Genera

The data on this site are based on the publication “A taxonomic backbone for the global synthesis of species diversity in the angiosperm order Caryophyllales”, Willdenowia 45: 281 – 384, 2015, by Patricia Hernández-Ledesma, Walter G. Berendsohn, Thomas Borsch, Sabine von Mering, Hossein Akhani, Salvador Arias, Idelfonso Castañeda-Noa, Urs Eggli, Roger Eriksson, Hilda Flores-Olvera, Susy Fuentes-Bazán, Gudrun Kadereit, Cornelia Klak, Nadja Korotkova, Reto Nyffeler, Gilberto Ocampo, Helga Ochoterena, Bengt Oxelman, Richard K. Rabeler, Adriana Sanchez, Boris O. Schlumpberger & Pertti Uotila. Updates based on later publications have been added afterwards. 

A taxonomic backbone at the genus level is provided that reflects the current state of knowledge and accepts 750 genera for the order. A detailed review of the literature of the past two decades shows that enormous progress has been made in understanding overall phylogenetic relationships in Caryophyllales. Whereas the process of re-circumscribing families in order to be monophyletic appears to be largely complete, the phylogenetic evaluation of generic concepts is still well underway. As a result of this, the number of genera has increased by more than ten percent in comparison to the last complete treatments in the “Families and genera of vascular plants” series. A checklist with all currently accepted genus names in Caryophyllales, as well as nomenclatural references, type names and synonymy is presented. Notes indicate how extensively the respective genera have been studied in a phylogenetic context.

This synopsis represents a first step towards the aim of creating a global synthesis of the species diversity in the angiosperm order Caryophyllales involving the work of numerous specialists around the world.

The compilation of species level checklists and (finally) full taxonomic treatments is work in progress. Species-level checklists have already been published for


Publication: Berendsohn W. G., Borsch T., Güntsch A., Kohlbecker A., Korotkova N., Luther K., Müller A., Plitzner P. & Mering S. v. 2018: Using the EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy to prepare and publish a treatment for the Caryophyllales Network: an online synthesis of the Nepenthaceae. – Willdenowia 48: 335-344.


Publication: Korotkova N., Aquino D., Arias S., Eggli U., Franck A., Gómez-Hinostrosa C., Guerrero P. C., Hernández H. M., Kohlbecker A., Köhler M., Luther K., Majure L. C., Müller A., Metzing D., Nyffeler R., Sánchez D., Schlumpberger B. & Berendsohn W. G. 2021: Cactaceae at – a dynamic online species-level taxonomic backbone for the family. – Willdenowia 51(2): 251-270.



The following changes were agreed with the respective authors mentioned above and incorporated into the database since the article went into print:



Polymita N.E.Br. included in Schlechteranthus Schwantes (Klak & Bruyns 2016).

Galenia L. and Plinthus Fenzl embedded within Aizoon L. (Klak & al. 2017).

Aizoanthemopsis Klak added as a new genus (Klak & al. 2017).

Anisostigma Schinz resurrected for Tetragonia schenckii Schinz (Klak & al. 2017).

Drosanthemopsis Rauschert is reinstated (Klak & al. 2018).



Kelita A.R.Bean – added as new genus (Bean 2010).

Wadithamnus T.Hammer & R.W.Davis – added as new genus (Hammer & al. 2017).

Lecosia Pedersen and Omegandra G.J.Leach & C.C.Towns. – added to the database since these two genera were accidentally omitted in Hernández-Ledesma & al. (2015).



Rhodoclada Baker - added as a synonym for Asteropeia (Schatz & al. 1999)



Escobaria included into Pelecyphora (Sánchez et al. 2022).

Backebergia segregate from Pachycereus and accepted as monotypic (B. militaris) (Franco-Estrada et al. 2021).

Pretocereus segregated from Pachycereus and accepted as monotypic (P. gaumeri) (Franco-Estrada et al. 2021).



Adenonema Bunge - genus resurrected, 2 spp. (Sharples & Tripp 2019)

Allochrusa Bunge ex Boiss – included in Acanthophyllum (Pirani & al. 2020)

Ankyropetalum – included in Gypsophila (Madhani & al. 2018).

Augustea Iamonico – new genus, 4 spp., segregated from Polycarpon (Iamonico 2015).

Balkana Madhani & Zarre – new genus, 1 sp., segregated from Gypsophila (Madhani & al. 2018).

Diaphanoptera Rech.f. - included in Acanthophyllum (Pirani & al. 2020).

Engellaria Iamonico – new genus, 1 sp., segregated from Stellaria (Iamonico 2021).

Graecobolanthus Madhani & Rabeler – included back into Bolanthus, from which it had been segregated (Zografidis & al. 2020).

Hartmaniella M.L.Zhang & Rabeler – new genus, 2 spp., segregated from Pseudostellaria (Zhang & al. 2017).

Heterochroa Bunge – genus resurrected, 6 spp. (Madhani & al. 2018).

Himgiria Pusalkar & D.K.Singh – new genus, 1 sp. (Pusalkar & Singh 2015).

Lychnis – included in Silene (Jafari & al. 2020).

Mesostemma - genus resurrected, 12 spp. (Sharples & Tripp 2019).

Myosoton – included in Stellaria (Sharples & Tripp 2019).

Nubelaria – new genus, 2 spp., segregated from Stellaria (Sharples & Tripp 2019).

Petroana Madhani & Zarre – new genus, 2 spp., segregated from Gypsophila (Madhani & al. 2018).

Phrynella – included in Bolanthus (Madhani & al. 2018; Zografidis & al. 2020).

Pleioneura – included in Saponaria (Madhani & al. 2018).

Plettkea Mattf. – part included in Pycnophyllopsis (Timaná 2017), part in Stellaria (Sharples & Tripp 2019).

Pseudocerastium – included in Cerastium (Yao & al. 2021).

Rabelera – new genus, 1 sp., segregated from Stellaria (Sharples & Tripp 2019).

Sanctambrosia – included in Spergularia (Kool & Thulin 2017).

Schizotechium Rchb. – genus resurrected, 5 spp. (Pusalkar & Srivastava 2016).

Shivparvatia Pusalkar & D.K.Singh – replaces Solitaria (Pusalkar & Singh 2015, Rabeler 2017).

Vaccaria – included in Gypsophila (Madhani & al. 2018).

Velezia – included in Dianthus (Madhani & al. 2018).

Yazdana A.Pirani & Noroozi – new genus, 1 sp. (Noroozi et al. 2020).



Oreosalsola Akhani – new genus, 9 spp., segregated from Salsola (Akhani & al. 2016).

Mangleticornia P.W.Ball, G.Kadereit & Cornejo – new, monotypic genus from Ecuador, sister to Salicornia (Ball & al. 2017).



Segregation of the monotypic family Corbichoniaceae Thulin from Lophiocarpaceae (Thulin & al. 2016).

Corbichonia Scop. - transferred from Lophiocarpaceae to Corbichoniaceae (Thulin & al. 2016).



Family treatment updated according to Thulin & al. (2016), two new genera added: Paramollugo Thulin and Trigastrotheca F.Muell.



Persepolium O.V.Yurtseva & E.V.Mavrodiev – new genus, 5 spp. endemic to SW and Central Iran, segregated from Polygonum (Yurtseva et al. 2017).