Eulychnia Phil., Fl. Atacam.: 23. 1860 sec. Hunt (2006)



Species boundaries and infrageneric relationships in Eulychnia have recently been comprehensively studied using six chloroplast markers (rpl32-trnL, trnH-psbA, trnL-trnF, trnQ-rps16, trnS-trnG, and ycf1) and a sampling covering the distribution range (Larrindon et al. 2018 – Syst. Biodiv). Eulychnia was confirmed as monophyletic and two major clades were retrieved in the molecular phylogenetic hypotheses, a northern clade and a southern clade, which both can also easily be distinguished morphologically. The results also supported accepting three further species E. ritteri, E. chorosensis and E. taltalensis. [editorial, NK]

Recent monograph by Hoffmann & Walter (2005).A
A. Larridon, I., Walter, H.E., Rosas, M., Vandomme, V. & Guerrero, P.C. 2018: Evolutionary trends in the columnar cactus genus Eulychnia (Cactaceae) based on molecular phylogenetics, morphology, distribution, and habitat. – Systematics and Biodiversity 16: 643-657