Lepismium Pfeiff. in Allg. Gartenzeitung 3: 315. 1835 sec. Korotkova & al. 2011
  • =Nothorhipsalis Doweld in Sukkulenty 4(1-2): 29. 2002 syn. sec. Korotkova 2021
  • =Ophiorhipsalis (K.Schum.) Doweld in Sukkulenty 4(1-2): 39. 2002 syn. sec. Korotkova 2021



Several considerably different generic concepts have been suggested for Lepismium in the past 80 years. It was either recognized as monotypic for L. cruciforme (Vell.) Miq., e.g. by Britton & Rose (1923) or included into Rhipsalis (Schumann 1899; Vaupel 1925, 1926). Barthlott (1987) and Barthlott & Taylor (1995) redefined Lepismium based on the mesotonic branching as main diagnostic character, but this circumscription was found to be polyphyletic by Nyffeler (2002) and Korotkova & al. (2010). Consequently, some of its species were transferred to Lymanbensonia and Pfeiffera by Korotkova & al. (2010).A
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