Weingartia Werderm. in Kakteenkunde 1937: 20, 21. 1937 sec. Ritz & al. (2007)
  • =Cintia Kníže & Říha in Kaktusy (Brno) 31: 37. 1995 syn. sec. Hunt (2006)
  • =Gymnorebutia Doweld in Sukkulenty 4(1-2): 24. 2002 syn. sec. Ritz & al. (2007)



Weingartia and Sulcorebutia used to be merged in Rebutia, e.g. by Barthlott & Hunt (1993), Anderson (2001), and Hunt (2006), but were recognized by Anderson (2005). The Rebutia s.l. assemblage was found highly polyphyletic by Ritz & al. (2007), and was shown to be separated into three well supported clades. One of these clades comprises species of Weingartia, Sulcorebutia and Cintia and includes the nomenclatural type of Weingartia. Ritz & al. (2007) suggested that all three could be merged into a single genus, for which Weingartia is the oldest name.