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Espostoopsis Buxb. in Krainz, Kakteen: 38-39, C Va. 1968 sec. Zappi & Taylor 20201
  • 1. Zappi, D. & Taylor, N. P. 2020: Cactaceae in Flora do Brasil. – Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro –
  • =Gerocephalus F.Ritter in Kakteen And. Sukk. 19: 156. 1968 syn. sec. Taylor & Zappi 20042
  • 2. Taylor, N. P. & Zappi, D. 2004: Cacti of Eastern Brazil. – London: Kew Publishing


Monotypic genus, endemic to the caatinga of Bahia, SE Brazil. Hernández-Hernández & al. 2011 found E. dybowskii within an unsupported Trichocereeae clade, as sister to Rauhocereus (no support), while Schlumpberger & Renner 2012 found E. dybowskii as sister to Micranthocereus densiflorus with 78% MLBS support. Espostoopsis is therefore not closely related to the Andean genus Espostoa, a relationship that had been suggested earlier based on the strong morphological similarities of the two genera.A

Taxon standing

Category B. The genus is monophyletic based on phylogenetic studies that support the clade based on a sufficiently dense or even complete sampling, or support a monotypic genus as a distinct lineage, but do not provide a new taxonomic treatment at the species level. In many cases, older classical taxonomic synopses or a monographic treatment exist for these genera providing a reliable assessment of the species included.


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