Leocereus Britton & Rose, Cactaceae 2: 108. 1920 sec. Taylor & Zappi 2004



Phylogenetics: Monotypic genus from eastern Brazil. Sampled by Schlumpberger & Renner (2012) and found highly supported as sister to Facheiroa ulei. Both genera used to be included in the Trichocereeae, but their exact affinities were unclear (Taylor & Zappi 2004). Schlumpberger & Renner (2012) found Leocereus and Facheiroa outside the Trichocereeae and within a clade containing Stetsonia, Cereus, Praecereus, Micranthocereus, and other genera.
Key literature: Floristic treatment by Taylor & Zappi (2004).A
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