Acanthocereus (Engelm. ex A.Berger) Britton & Rose in Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb. 12: 432. 1909 sec. Korotkova & al. 2017
  • Cereus subsect. Acanthocereus Engelm. ex A.Berger sec. Maarten J.M.Christenhusz, Samuel F.Brockington, Pascal-Antoine Christin & Rowan F.Sage, 2014 in Rep. (Annual) Missouri Bot. Gard. 16: 77. 1905


The sister relationship of Peniocereus subg. Pseudoacanthocereus and Acanthocereus has been shown several times with high statistical support from plastid data (Arias et al. 2005, Nyffeler 2002, Korotkova et al. 2017). Based on these results, Acanthocereus is only monophyletic if it also includes Peniocereus subg. Pseudoacanthocereus.
A new circumscription of Acanthocereus now including the nine erstwhile Peniocereus subgen. Pseudoacanthocereus species was provided by Korotkova et al. (2017).

Archived Note

Currently accepted as monotypic with A. tetragonus (L.) Britton & Rose (Hunt 2006), while all other names suggested in this genus are of uncertain application, or were wrongly assigned to Acanthocereus. The molecular phylogenetic study of Arias & al. (2005) showed that Acanthocereus would need to be expanded to include Peniocereus subg. Pseudoacanthocereus, but no new combinations have yet been published.A
A. Hernández-Ledesma, P., Berendsohn, W.G., Borsch, T., von Mering, S., Akhani, H., Arias, S., Castañeda-Noa, I., Eggli, U., Eriksson, R., Flores-Olvera, H., Fuentes-Bazán, S., Kadereit, G., Klak, C., Korotkova, N. & Nyffeler, R. 2015: A taxonomic backbone for the global synthesis of species diversity in the angiosperm order Caryophyllales. – Willdenowia 45(3): 281-383