Astrophytum Lem., Cact. Gen. Sp. Nov.: 3-6. 1839 sec. Vázquez-Sánchez & al. 2013
  • Digitostigma Velazco & Nevárez in Cact. Suc. Mex. 47: 79. 2002, nom. inval., syn. sec. Hunt 2006



Phylogenetics: Confirmed as monophyletic, including Digitostigma, therefore transfer of Digitostigma to Astrophytum, as previously suggested by Hunt (2003) is justified (Vázquez-Sánchez & al. 2013, Vázquez-Lobo & al. 2015). Based on those two studies, Astrophytum includes six species grouped into two clades. A. caput-medusae D.R.Hunt is recognized as the sister of A. coahuilense (H.Moeller) K.Kayser, A. capricorne (A.Dietr.) Britton & Rose, and A. asterias (Zucc.) Lem., while, A. myriostigma Lem. and A. coahuilense form another independent clade. It is supported that A. coahuilense is not conspecific with A. myriostigma. A
A. Arias, S. 2021: Revisions of Acanthocereus, Aporocactus, Astrophytum, Bergerocactus, Cephalocereus, Disocactus, Marshallocereus, Nyctocereus, Pachycereus, Peniocereus, Pereskiopsis, Selenicereus, Stenocereus, Strophocactus – In: Korotkova N. & al., Cactaceae at – a dynamic online species-level taxonomic backbone for the family. – Willdenowia: 251-270