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Melocactus Link & Otto in Verh. Vereins Beförd. Gartenbaues Königl. Preuss. Staaten 3: 417. 1827, nom. cons., sec. Hunt 20061
  • 1. Hunt, D.R. 2006: The New Cactus Lexicon. – Milborne Port: dh books


Key literature: Monograph by Taylor (1991); floristic treatment by Taylor & Zappi (2004; Brazil); phylogenomic data by Majure & al. (unpubl. data) and a regional treatment by Rigerszki & al. (2007).A

Taxon standing

Category E. No assessment of monophyly has yet been possible, because only a few species were sampled or no phylogenetic study has been conducted so far.


Revised by Carlos Gómez-Hinostrosa, Héctor M. Hernández & Lucas C. Majure


A. Majure, L.C. 2021: Revisions of Cochemiea, Consolea, Coryphantha, Cylindropuntia, Cumarinia, Grusonia, Kroenleinia, Leptocereus, Melocactus, Micropuntia, Opuntia. – In: Korotkova N. & al., Cactaceae at – a dynamic online species-level taxonomic backbone for the family. – Willdenowia 51: 251-270.