Echinocereus neocapillus

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Echinocereus neocapillus

Echinocereus neocapillus (D.Weniger) W.Blum & Mich.Lange, Echinocereus Prepr.: 6. 1998 sec. Blum & al. 20121
  • Echinocereus chloranthus var. neocapillus D.Weniger in Cact. Succ. J. (Los Angeles) 41: 39. 1969 syn. sec. Blum & al. 20121
  • Echinocereus viridiflorus var. neocapillus (D.Weniger) A.D.Zimmerman, Cacti Trans-Pecos: 267. 2004 syn. sec. Blum & al. 20121
  • 1. Blum, W., Felix, D. & Bauer, H. 2012: Echinocereus. Die Sektion Echinocereus. – Der Echinocereenfreund 25 (Sonderausgabe): 1–336


Blum & al. (1998) segregated E. neocapillus from E. chloranthus and E. viridiflorus due to the hairy spination in juvenile plants. Other taxa as E. blumii, E. carmenensis, and E. milleri also present this character. However, those taxa have discontinuos distribution and differ in spination in mature plants. For now, they are recognized as different species until more evidence is available.A


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