Nepenthes ×balfouriana

Nepenthes ×balfouriana

Placement status: name or taxon excluded (unspecific)


Nepenthes ×balfouriana Hort.Veitch ex Mast. in Gard. Chron. ser. 3, 26: 90 (91, fig.39). 1899, , nom. inval. sec. IPNI 1999+ wfo-00013026621
    • 1. No description.

    Hybrid parent formula

    "The present pitcher is the ontcome of cross between N. mixta x, Mast., and N. Mastersiana x, Veitch; N. mixta, Mast., is itself a hybrid between N. Curtisii and N. Northiana, Hook.f., and N. Mastersiana x is the result of a cross between N. sanguinea and N. Khasyana.- so t hat the present plant is the descendant of four distinct species."A


    A. Masters, M. T. 1899: Nepenthes balfouriana x. – Gard. Chron. ser. 3, 26: 90-91