Nepenthes adnata

Nepenthes adnata


Nepenthes adnata Tamin & M.Hotta ex Schlauer in Blumea 39: 141. 1994 sec. Cheek & Jebb 2001
  • Nepenthes adnata Tamin & M.Hotta in Hotta, Divers. & Dynam. Pl. Life Sumatra: 76, f. 1. 1986, nom. nud., syn. sec. Cheek & Jebb 2001
    • Holotype: Indonesia, W Sumatra, Taram E of Payakumbuh, river Tjampo, alt. 1000 m, 24 Aug 1957, Meijer 6941 (L)

Other sources

Clarke, C. M. 1997: Another nice trip to Sumatra. – Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 26: 4-10: 7, fig. front cover
Jebb, M. H. P. & Cheek, M. R. 1997: A skeletal revision of Nepenthes. – Blumea 42(1): 1-106: 14


Terrestrial climber to 3 m tall. Rosette reported as 8 cm diam., short stems unknown, climbing stems rounded, internodes 3-10 cm long, 0.2-0.25 cm diam., with a conical axillary bud c. 0.5 by 1 mm, 5 mm above the axil. Leaves coriaceous, sessile, subperfoliate-adnate, those of climbing stems narrowly oblanceolate, (6.8-)9-11 by 2.5-3.1 cm; apex rounded, slightly emarginate and peltate by c. 1 mm; base tapering to c. 1 cm wide, decurrent and perfoliate-adnate for 1-1.5(-2) cm on the stem. Longitudinal nerves 3 or 4 (or 5) on each side of the midrib in the outer 4/5, conspicuous above. Pennate nerves numerous, patent, straight and branching little, running to the margin, conspicuous above but not below. Lower and intermediate pitchers slightly ventricose below, tubular above, to 6.8-7.5 by 1.7-2.3 cm, with two fringed wings 1(-2) mm broad, fringed elements sometimes paired, 5-6 mm long, 2 mm apart; mouth oblique, highly concave, probably ovate, rising at the apex into a slender column; peristome rounded, 0.6-1.2 mm diam., ribs pronounced, 0.1 mm high, 0.2 mm apart, outer edge entire, inner edge, towards the column, with teeth 0.2 mm long; lid broadly ovate to suborbicular, 1.8-2.1 by 1.5-1.9 cm, apex rounded, base cordate, lower surface lacking appendages, with sparsely scattered conspicuous, round, volcano-like glands 0.1-0.2 mm wide, upper surface with up to 8 inconspicuous tentacles 1-2 mm long on each side near the margin; spur 7-9 mm long, filamentous, forked 4-6.5 mm from the apex. Upper pitchers unknown. Inflorescence reported as a short, lax raceme; peduncle 3-10 cm long; partial peduncles 1-flowered, 4-8; pedicels 5-10 mm long. Indumentum of sessile red glands on stems, lower surface of the leaves and outer pitchers; leaf blade margin thickly red-brown hairy with fasciculate erect hairs 0.7-1 mm long; pitcher outer surface, including lid and spur sparsely puberulent with scattered simple erect hairs 0.1-0.3 mm long; indumentum of inflorescence unknown. Colour of outside of dried pitchers white, about 3/4 overlaid with red stripes and blotches, veined dark violet; peristome dark violet; inside of pitcher blue-green; inflorescence unknown.A


In its adnate-perfoliate leaves, slender glabrous stems, tentaculate lid, and diminutive, few-flowered, ebracteate raceme, seen in no other Sumatran species, N. adnata is clearly one of the N. tentaculata group, having many similarities especially with the most widespread and common of that group, N. tentaculata of Borneo and Sulawesi. Nonetheless, N. adnata has several features that distinguish it from N. tentaculata and most of the rest of the group. The leaves are 3- or 4-nerved with a brown hairy margin (not 1- or 2-nerved with a glabrous margin) and the pitchers have distinct peristome ribs with teeth on the inner edge near the column, conspicuous glands on the lower surface of the broadly ovate-round, cordate lid and a filiform, once-forked spur 7-9 mm long. In N. tentaculata, the peristome ribs are indistinct and teeth are absent, the glands are inconspicuous on a narrowly ovate to elliptic, truncate or round-based lid, and the spur is fasciculate, with up to 5 branches at the base, each themselves repeatedly branched.
The description is based only on the holotype, supplemented with data from the protologue. The holotype is sterile, and lacks fully developed upper pitchers, e.g. those with a coiled tendril. Consequently our knowledge of this species is poor and fragmentary.A

Distribution (General)

C Sumatra.A


Sandstone ridges; 700-1000 m.A


A. Cheek, M. R. & Jebb, M. H. P. 2001: Flora Malesiana - Nepenthaceae, Series I, Volume 15. – Leiden: Nationaal Herbarium Nederland, Universiteit Leiden branch


CountryDateCollector + collecting numberHerbariaTypeScanDerivatives
Indonesia1957-08-24Meijer 6941L
Citation: Indonesia, W Sumatra, Taram E of Payakumbuh, river Tjampo, alt. 1000 m, 24 Aug 1957, Meijer 6941

Specimen summary: L
Holotype of Nepenthes adnata Tamin & M.Hotta Nepenthes adnata Tamin & M.Hotta ex Schlauer