Nepenthes ×trusmadiensis

Nepenthes ×trusmadiensis


Nepenthes ×trusmadiensis Marabini in Mitt. Bot. Staatssamml. Münch. 19: 449. 1983 sec. Cheek & Jebb 2001

    Other sources

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    Upper pitchers with the form of N. lowii, with constricted middle, and a broadening mouth, but with a large peristome, and a very large lid lacking bristles below. The outer surface is predominantly green, and the inner surface deep red as in N. lowii.A


    This natural hybrid between N. macrophylla and N. lowii was said to be frequent on the summit of Mt Trus Madi in Sabah. However, recent visitors to the mountain suggest that their may be only a solitary, although somewhat large individual (Martin Sands, pers. comm.). It is of note that no equivalent hybrids have been found on Mt Kinabalu, where the closely related N. edwardsiana is to be found growing with N. lowii.A

    Distribution (General)

    Borneo: Sabah (Mt Trus Madi).A

    Hybrid parent formula

    Nepenthes lowii × Nepenthes macrophyllaA


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