Nepenthes aristolochioides

Nepenthes aristolochioides


Nepenthes aristolochioides Jebb & Cheek in Blumea 42(1): 22, f. 2. 1997 [The specific epithet signifies the resemblance of the pitchers, in their shape and coloration, to the flowers of Aristolochia.B]. sec. Cheek & Jebb 2001
    • Isotype: Indonesia, Sumatra, Mt Kerinci, G. Tudjuh, alt. 2000 m, 5 Aug 1956, Meijer 6542 (BO)
    • Holotype: Indonesia, Sumatra, Mt Kerinci, G. Tudjuh, alt. 2000 m, 5 Aug 1956, Meijer 6542 (L)


Terrestrial climber, height unknown. Stem terete 0.2-0.4 cm diam., internodes 5.5-13 cm long; axillary buds conspicuous, 0.15-0.7 cm above axil. Leaves coriaceous, sessile; leaves of short stems narrowly lanceolate to lanceolate-spathulate, to 15 by 2.5 cm; apex acute, rarely sub-peltate; base more or less parallel-sided, ultimately with rounded auricles; leaves of climbing stems 7.5-15 by 1-3 cm, as the short-stem leaves, but lacking auricles, the base clasping the stem for 1/3-1/2 its circumference, rarely decurrent. Longitudinal nerves indistinct in dried leaves, 2 or 3 on each side of the mid-rib, in outer 1/3 of blade, arising from base, and sometimes along the midrib. Pennate nerves few, indistinct, arising obliquely and curving towards apex. Lower pitchers unknown. Upper pitchers utriculate, basally infundibuliform, obovoid above; to 9 by 3.5 cm; wings lacking; mouth almost vertical, lateral, not apical, ovate, to 2 cm wide; peristome externally rounded, to 1.5 mm wide, internally flattened, to 8 mm, broadening within, ribs 0.5-0.8 mm apart, inner margin entire, with large glands between ribs; spur simple, c. 9 mm long, apex with 2-4 acute points; lid orbicular, c. 2.7 by 2.1 cm, apex rounded to emarginate, base slightly cordate, lower surface lacking appendages, nectar glands evenly scattered, thinly bordered, circular or shortly elliptic, c. 0.3 mm diam., somewhat larger and denser on midline, the rims distinctly asymmetric, being highest toward lid apex. Inflorescence, fruit and seed unknown. Indumentum inconspicuous, of short, irregularly branching or simple, appressed white hairs to 0.2 mm long, in leaf axils, on midrib and on pitcher particularly around the peristome, and on the lid; lower leaf blade with sessile glands. Colour of pitchers green with brown-red flecks, becoming denser towards mouth, conspicuous in dried specimens; peristome dark red-brown.A


Resembling N. bongso in leaf shape, the pitchers of N. aristolochioides however, are unmistakable in their bladder-like shape with a lateral, porthole-like mouth, and the unusual hooded nature of the lid nectar glands.A

Distribution (General)

Indonesia, Sumatra, Jambi Province (Mt Kerinci).A


Mossy forest; 2000-2200 m.A


A. Cheek, M. R. & Jebb, M. H. P. 2001: Flora Malesiana - Nepenthaceae, Series I, Volume 15. – Leiden: Nationaal Herbarium Nederland, Universiteit Leiden branch



CountryDateCollector + collecting numberHerbariaTypeScanDerivatives
Indonesia1956-08-05Meijer 6542BO, L
Citation: Indonesia, Sumatra, Mt Kerinci, G. Tudjuh, alt. 2000 m, 5 Aug 1956, Meijer 6542

Specimen summary: BO
Isotype of Nepenthes aristolochioides Jebb & Cheek

Specimen summary: L
Holotype of Nepenthes aristolochioides Jebb & Cheek