Nepenthes viridis

Nepenthes viridis


Nepenthes viridis Micheler, Gronem., Wistuba, Marwinski, W.Suarez & Amoroso in Taublatt 76(2): 4 (-14, fig., photgrs.). 2013 [From latin viridis, green - the pitchers of N. viridis are yellowish-green in colour throughout.B]. sec. Micheler & al. 2013
    • Holotype: Philippines, Dinagat Island, M. Micheler & A. Wistuba s.n. (CMUH: 00008636)


[The original description in German by Micheler & al. (2013) was translated and partly emended in Wikipedia, as follows.]
Stem up to 4 m long and 9 mm thick, circular in cross section and up to 9 mm in diameter. Internodes up to 10 cm long.
Leaves: Young plants have fimbriate laminae (leaf blades) up to 10 cm long. Laminae borne on older rosette plants are lanceolate to elliptic and up to 25 cm long by 3.5–4 cm wide. They differ from those of younger plants in lacking fimbriae. One to two longitudinal veins are present on either side of the midrib. The laminar apex is acute. The petiole is canaliculate, semi-amplexicaul, and slightly decurrent down the stem. Tendrils reach 15 cm in length and bear numerous extrafloral nectaries. The leaves of climbing stems are similar, but are separated by longer internodes. They are long and narrow, sometimes reaching almost three times the pitcher height, at least in plants from Samar.
In young plants with fimbriate leaves, the pitchers reach 10 cm in height. They have well-developed fringed wings up to 2 mm wide, which run the length of the pitcher cup and bear filaments 2–3 mm long. The peristome is up to 1–2 mm wide. The pitcher lid or operculum is almost perfectly round and reaches 1.5 cm in width. It has a basal keel about 1.5 mm wide.
Rosette and lower pitchers are bulbous in the basal third, becoming cylindrical above and having a slight constriction in the middle. They are up to 16.5 cm high by 4 cm wide. The pitcher opening is up to 3 cm wide. The peristome is cylindrical and up to 5–7 mm wide. The fringed wings are restricted to the upper half of the pitcher cup, the lower parts being reduced to a pair of ribs. The fringe elements are spaced several millimetres apart and the longest (≤1.3 cm) are found in the upper third of the pitcher, near the peristome. The lid is round to slightly cordate (heart-shaped). It is distinctly domed and has a diameter of up to 3.5 cm. On the underside of the lid, the basal keel is 7–8 mm long and 3 mm high. A branched spur 2–3 mm long is inserted near the base of the lid.
Upper pitchers are ovoid in the basal third and cylindrical above, expanding rapidly just below the peristome. They are similar in size to their terrestrial counterparts, reaching 18 cm in length by 2.4 cm in width. The peristome is cylindrical to slightly flattened and around 5 mm wide. It is often raised at the front, where it is notched or wavy. The pitcher opening is up to 3.6 cm in diameter. The wings are reduced to ribs and lack filaments altogether. The lid is oval to cordate and, as in lower pitchers, heavily domed. It measures around 3.8 by 3.2 cm and has a basal keel on its lower surface. The keel is similarly sized to that of lower pitchers: 7–8 mm long by 3 mm high. The spur is up to 4 mm long.
In the wild, both lower and upper pitchers are predominantly yellowish-green, even when growing exposed to direct sunlight, though in some plants the wing vestiges of the upper pitchers may be slightly reddish. The inner surface visible through the pitcher opening is near-white.
Nepenthes viridis has a racemose inflorescence up to 60 cm long, of which the rachis (the flower-bearing portion) constitutes up to 50 cm, the remainder being a short peduncle. The flowers are mostly borne on two-flowered partial peduncles, which are up to 2.5 cm long.
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Distribution (General)

Philippines, Samar and Dinagat islandsA


A. Micheler, M., Gronemeyer, T., Wistuba, A., Marwinski, D., Suarez, W. & Amoroso, V. B. 2013: Nepenthes viridis, eine neue Nepenthes Art von der Insel Dinagat, Philippinen. – Taublatt 76(2): 4-14


CountryDateCollector + collecting numberHerbariaTypeScanDerivatives
PhilippinesMicheler, M. & Wistuba, A. s.n.CMUH
Citation: Philippines, Dinagat Island, M. Micheler & A. Wistuba s.n. (CMUH 00008636)

Specimen summary: CMUH 00008636
Holotype of Nepenthes viridis Micheler, Gronem., Wistuba, Marwinski, W.Suarez & Amoroso