Nepenthes chang

Nepenthes chang


Nepenthes chang M.Catal., Nepenthes Thailand.: 38 (fig. 1-6). 2010 [Presumably named after the collector of the type specimen, Ko Chang.C]. sec. Catalano 2010
    • Holotype: Catalano 013394 (BCU), Thailand, province of Trat, Ko Chang, 300 m, 2009.


Terrestrial climber to 5 m tall. Stem terete, 4-6 mm in diameter, internodes 1-5 cm long. Leaves coriaceous, 0.2 mm thick, lamina lanceolate, 20-35 cm long, 3.5-5 cm wide, apex acute, base attenuate and sessile, clasping the stem by three quarters of its circumference, decurrent for 1-4 cm of its length; longitudinal veins 3 on each side of the midrib in distal quarter of the lamina, pinnate veins arising obliquely from midrib; tendrils terete, 10-30 cm long, 1-2 mm in diameter, coiling in upper pitchers. Lower pitchers 7-12 x 2-5 cm, ovate in the lower third and narrowing above or completely ovate, hip at the mid-section or absent; two alae, 2-6 mm wide, run down ventral exterior surface from tendril to mouth, fringed with narrow filaments; pitcher mouth oblique, orbicular to ovate; peristome cylindrical, 2-5 mm wide, often wider at the sides of the mouth, teeth 0.1-0.3 mm long; lid orbicular to ovate or elliptic, flat, 2-4 x 1.5-3.5 cm, base slightly cordate, lower surface without appendages, crateriform glands densely arranged and numerous, larger at the base of midrib, to 0.5-1 mm; spur 2-6 mm long, simple; longitudinal veins 3-4 on each side of midrib. Upper pitchers to 25 x 3 cm, tubulose; alae 0-1 mm wide; pitcher mouth oblique; peristome as for lower pitchers, but outer margin often slightly lobed, with uniform width throughout; lid as for lower pitchers. Male inflorescence a raceme, to 70 cm, peduncle 35-50 cm long, rachis 17-22 cm long, ca. 30-130 flowers borne on 2-flowered partial peduncles 1-3 mm long, pedicels 2-9 mm, androphore 1-1.5 mm long, hairy up to half of its length; tepals elliptic, green when young, then orange to red, 2-3 x 1-1.5 mm; often a bract, to 0.5 mm long, is present at the base or on the lower half of the partial peduncle of some or all flowers. Female inflorescence as for male inflorescence, but rachis 8-22 cm long with solitary flowers borne on pedicels 3-12 mm long; tepals elliptic, green, 2-3 x 1-1.5 mm; bracts absent. Indumentum of white or golden hairs, 0.1-0.5 mm long, covering all parts of plant except adaxial surface of leaf. Colour : older leaves dark green; young leaves of rosette with a reddish hue, those of lower stem with an orange hue and those of upper stem with a yellowish hue; midrib, tendrils and stem of rosette, orange to red; those of climbing stem, light green; lower pitchers green to orange, or pink with red stripes, with or without red blotches over the inner, non-glandular zone, peristome green to red; upper pitchers light green, with or without red blotches over the inner, non-glandular zone, peristome green; lid green or marked by fine red stripes.A


Nepenthes chang is closely related to N. kampotiana , from which it differs in having male flowers borne on 2-flowered partial peduncles (vs. borne solitary), androphore hairy up to half of its length (vs. androphore glabrous), leaves half as thick (0.2 mm vs. 0.5 mm) and darker in colour, with reddish, orange or yellowish hues when young (vs. always light green), white or golden indumentum over all parts of plant except the upper surface of the leaf (vs. all plant glabrous), peristome often larger at the sides of mouth (vs. peristome uniformly wide), lower pitchers broader than deep (vs. uniformly ovate) and upper pitchers tubulose (vs. obovate or ovate in the lower half).A

Distribution (General)

Thailand, Trat ProvinceB


On peaty soil, in open, steep forest, from 300-600 m altitude.A


A. Catalano, M. 2010: Nepenthes della Thailandia: diario di viaggio. – Prague: WOW s.r.o.
B. McPherson, S. R. 2011: New Nepenthes 1. – Poole: Redfern Natural History Productions, Poole


CountryDateCollector + collecting numberHerbariaTypeScanDerivatives
ThailandCatalano, M. 013394BCU
Citation: Thailand, M. Catalano 013394

Specimen summary: BCU
Holotype of Nepenthes chang M.Catal.