Nepenthes ceciliae

Nepenthes ceciliae


Nepenthes ceciliae Gronem., Coritico, Micheler, Marwinski, Acil & Amoroso, New Nepenthes 1: 413 (-423; figs. 354-367). 2011 [Nepenthes ceciliae is named in honour of the Philippine botanist Cecilia Beltran-Amoroso, who passed away on January 16, 2011. Cecilia Beltran-Amoroso conducted extensive ex-situ conservation studies on many species of Nepenthes in Mindanao and other threatened, endemic and economically important plants from across the Philippines.B]. sec. Gronemeyer & al. 2011
    • Type: Philippines, Mindanao Island, Bukidnon Province, Mount Kiamo, trail from Barangay Kibalabag (Malaybalay City) below the summit, 1792 m, 16.05.2011. F. Coritico & V. Amoroso CMUH00007378, Central Mindanao University Herbarium, Musuan, Bukidnon, Philippines (holotype, CMUH).


Stems branched, up to 3 m tall, cylindrical in cross section, up to 4 mm in diameter, internodes up to 2 cm. The stem is either yellowish green or reddish.
Leaves of the climbing stem petiolate, lamina linear, up to 16 cm long and 2.5 cm wide. The apex of the lamina is acute and the base broadly attenuate and petiolate. The petiole is winged and up to 4 cm long. 2 longitudinal veins are present on each side of the midrib. Numerous pennate veins run obliquely towards the margin. Tendrils are up to 20 cm long and mostly coiled. All parts of the foliage are generally yellowish green in mature plants, and reddish in juveniles.The midrib and tendril are usually light yellowish green.
Lower pitchers cylindrical, with the lower third variably inflated and often ovate, up to 10 cm long and 3 cm wide. Wings up to 4 mm wide extend down the front of the pitcher, fringed with filaments up to 3 mm long.The pitcher opening is positioned at an oblique angle, and is up to 3 cm wide. The peristome is flattened, up to 4 mm wide, and elevated towards the rear of the pitcher opening to form a neck below the lid. It is lined with very fine ribs up to 0.1 mm high spaced up to 0.1 mm apart. The lid is cordate, up to 3.5 cm long and 4.0 cm wide, with glands evenly distributed over the lower surface.
The spur is unbranched and up to 5 mm long. A small appendage 2 mm long is present on the lower surface of the lid. The exterior of the lower pitchers is variable in colour, but usually light yellowish green, densely mottled with large, dull, dark red, rust-brown or blackish blotches. The peristome is yellow in newly opened pitchers, and dark red or rust brown in aged foliage. The interior of the pitcher is light yellow to whitish, occasionally speckled with small, dull, dark red, rust-brown or blackish blotches.
Upper pitchers up to 10 cm long,4 cmwide and wholly infundibular. The wings are reduced to ridges that run down the margins of the flat fronted face of the trap, or are hardly discernible at all. The pitcher opening is positioned at an oblique angle and is up to 2.5 cm wide. All other parts are consistent with the lower pitchers. The upper pitchers are usually uniformly yellow, where growing in strong sunlight, or yellowish green where growing in shade. In a minority of plants, the interior of the pitcher and the lower surface of the lid are variably lined with small blotches of dark red to purple colouration, and the peristome may be variably striped with bands of red and purple.
Inflorescence a racemose panicle, up to 32 cm long, partial peduncles mostly branched and 2-flowered, bracts absent. Fruits to 2 cm long.
Indumentum absent on all parts of the foliage and inflorescence.A


On the basis of current understanding, N. ceciliae should be considered vulnerableA

Distribution (General)

Philippines, Mindanao, Mount KiamoA


Ultramafic soils at altitudes from 1500–1880 m, mostly in open, upper montane habitats.A


A. Gronemeyer, T., Coritico, F., Micheler, M., Marwinski, D., Acil, R. & Amoroso, V. B. 2011: Nepenthes ceciliae, a new pitcher plant from Mount Kiamo, Mindanao, pp. 312-324. – In: McPherson, S. R., New Nepenthes 1. – Poole: Redfern Natural History Productions, Poole


CountryDateCollector + collecting numberHerbariaTypeScanDerivatives
PhilippinesCoritico, F. & Amoroso, V. B. s.n.CMUH
Citation: Philippines, F. Coritico & V.B. Amoroso s.n. (CMUH CMUH00007378)

Specimen summary: CMUH CMUH00007378
Type for: Nepenthes ceciliae Gronem., Coritico, Micheler, Marwinski, Acil & Amoroso