Credits and Acknowledgements - Nepenthaceae

The data on this site are based primarily on the treatment of Nepenthaceae by M. Cheek & M. Jebb (2001) in the Flora Malesiana series, which had been digitised in a collaborative effort of the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden and the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin - BGBM (Hamann & al. 2014). Starting from that treatment, the extra-Malesian taxa from Jebb & Cheek's "Skeletal revision of Nepenthes" published in 1997 were added. All name records found in the International Plant Name Index (IPNI 2005-) as well as in the World Flora Online taxonomic backbone (based on TPL 2013) were included, as well as several additional new names published since 2001. Extensive data made available in Wikipedia was very useful especially with respect to tracing recent publications. The nomenclature was verified (including that of many horticultural names which were published in the second half of the 19th century) and documented as far as possible, principally relying on the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL 2007-) and some other electronic literature ressources, but also on the print publications available in the BGBM library. Literature references for factual data displayed have been recorded in full in the database and are cited in the portal. Data compilation starting from the Flora Malesiana treatment was effected by Walter Berendsohn.

Further steps will include consultation with the family experts on some differences of opinion in the circumscription of taxa (up to now, lumping was generally avoided). Standardisation of the geographic records is planned, and the inclusion of descriptions from literature where legally possible.

How to cite us: If you want to cite data from this website, use the literature references given with the data, with the addition of “accessed on [date]”. If you want to refer to the methodology of assembling the data or the technical implementation, please refer to the article by Berendsohn & al. (2018, in pr.) in Willdenowia.

Acknowledgements: The technical support by Andreas Müller, Katja Luther, Andreas Kohlbecker and Patrick Plitzner for the EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy was essential.  Nicholas Turland is acknowledged for advice on complicated cases of nomenclature.

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