Nepenthes pulchra

Nepenthes pulchra


Nepenthes pulchra Gronem., S.McPherson, Coritico, Micheler, Marwinski & V.B.Amoroso in McPherson, New Nepenthes 1: 425 (-439; figs. 368-381). 2011 sec. Gronemeyer & al. 2011
    • Holotype: Philippines, Mindanao Island, Bukidnon Province, Mount Kiamo, alt. 1790 m, T. Gronemeyer & F. Coritico CMUH00007379 (CMUH).


Stems up to 5 m long, cylindrical in cross section, 6 mm diameter, internodes up to 6 cm long.
Leaves of the climbing stem are linear, up to 28 cm long and 5 cm wide, with 3 or 4 longitudinal veins on each side of the midrib and numerous pennate veins running obliquely towards the leaf margins. The apex of the lamina is acute, the base attenuate and forming a broad, winged petiole that is strongly decurrent. The wings of the petiole are up to 3 cm wide and run down the full length of the internode in a distinctive fashion, and often continue partway down the previous internode. The result is that the stem is sequentially punctuated by ribbon-like wings, up to 1.5 cm wide at the leaf axil, that taper over the length of the internode. The tendrils are up to 25 cm long, and mostly coiled. All parts of the foliage may be yellowish green, or suffused pinkish red. The midrib and tendril may be pure red.
Lower pitchers up to 35 cm tall and 6 cm wide, though usually smaller. The bottom quarter to third of the pitcher is variably inflated, often to the extent that the basal part is bulbous. Above the broad lower section, the pitcher narrows, becoming cylindrical or very slightly infundibular towards the pitcher opening. Wings up to 8 mm wide, fringed with filaments up to 10 mm long run down the front of the trap. The pitcher opening is angled obliquely and up to 5 cm wide. The peristome is flattened, up to 2.5 cm wide, and particularly broad around the sides and below he lid. The peristome is lined with ribs up to 2 mm high, spaced up to 2 mm apart. The ribs are elongated on the inner edge of the peristome to form narrow teeth up to 3 mm long. The lid is ovate, up to 7 cm long and 6 cm wide, with glands evenly distributed over the lower surface. A rounded, triangular appendage up to 5 mm long is present on the underside of the lid, close to the point of attachment with the pitcher opening. The spur is unbranched and up to 5 mm long. The exterior of the lower pitchers is pure red, with narrow blotches of yellowish green or reddish purple and blotches of purplish black. The colouration of the foliage darkens as it ages. The interior of the pitcher is white or light yellowish green, lined with small, angular blotches of purple. The peristome is red, variably striped with bands of yellow, orange and purple. The lower surface of the lid is bright red, and the upper surface is dark reed. In a minority of specimens, the exterior of the pitcher may be consistently yellowish orange, or dark purple. In these cases, all parts of the foliage are morphologically identical to typical N. pulchra.
Upper pitchers up to 42 cm long and 7 cm wide, though usually smaller. The bottom fifth to quarter of the trap is inflated and ovate to near spherical, narrowing above this part before becoming infundibular towards the pitcher opening. Wings are indiscernible, though intermediate pitchers bearing wings are produced in abundance. The peristome is up to 3 cm wide, lined with ribs up to 2.5 mm high, spaced up to 1.5 mm apart. In all other aspects, including colouration and colour variability, the upper plants are consistent with the lower traps.
Inflorescence a racemose panicle, up to 45 cm long, bearing branched 2-flowered partial peduncles lacking bracts. Fruits are up to 3 cm long.
Indumentum sparse, present across the foliage and inflorescence, consisting of orangey brown hairs up to 1 mm long. The indumentum is especially conspicuous along the margins of the lamina, and on the stems of young plants.A

Distribution (General)

Philippines, Mindanao Island, Bukidnon Province, Mount KiamoA


Strictly terrestrial in clearings and montane scrub on ultramafic soil, usually exposed to strong or direct sunlight; 1300-1800 m a.s.l.B


A. Gronemeyer, T., McPherson, S. R., Coritico, F., Micheler, M., Marwinski, D. & Amoroso, V.B. 2011: Nepenthes pulchra, a new pitcher plant species from Mount Kiamo, Mindanao, pp. 424-439. – In: McPherson, S. R., New Nepenthes 1
B. Gronemeyer, T., Coritico, F., Wistuba, A., Marwinski, D., Gieray, T., Micheler, M., Mey, F.S. & Amoroso, V.B. 2014: Four New Species of Nepenthes L. (Nepenthaceae) from the Central Mountains of Mindanao, Philippines. – Plants (Basel) 3(2): 284-303


CountryDateCollector + collecting numberHerbariaTypeScanDerivatives
PhilippinesGronemeyer, T. & Coritico, F. CMUH00007379CMUH
Citation: Philippines, Mindanao Island, Bukidnon Province, Mount Kiamo, alt. 1790 m, T. Gronemeyer & F. Coritico CMUH00007379.

Specimen summary: CMUH
Holotype of Nepenthes pulchra Gronem., S.McPherson, Coritico, Micheler, Marwinski & V.B.Amoroso