Skiatophytum L.Bolus in S. African Gard. 17: 435. 1927 sec. Hartmann (2001b)



Skiatophytum forms part of the tribe Apatesieae, which consists of only 11 species. The tribe is considered to be monophyletic (Ihlenfeldt & Gerbaulet 1990; Klak & al. 2003b; Klak & al. 2015). Skiatophytum includes only three species, which are endemic to the south-western Cape of South Africa (Klak & al. 2015). Based on a recent phylogenetic study, Klak & al. (2015) proposed that the monotypic Caryotophora Leistner should be considered part of Skiatophytum. In addition, it was shown that the lectotype and protologue of Mesembryanthemum flaccidum did not correspond to the species currently associated with this name, which was described as S. flaccidifolium Klak (Klak & al. 2015). The type of the monotypic Saphesia N.E.Br., which is Mesembryanthemum flaccidum Jacq., was found to be an insufficiently known species.