Aloinopsis Schwantes in Z. Sukkulentenk. 2: 177. 1926 sec. Hartmann (2001a)
  • Acaulon N.E.Br. in J. Bot. 66: 76. 1928 syn. sec. Hartmann (2001a)
  • Aistocaulon Poelln. ex H.Jacobsen, Succ. Pl.: 123. 1935 syn. sec. Hartmann (2001a)



The Aloinopsis clade includes several small genera (ranging from one to six species), i.e. Aloinopsis, Deilanthe, Nananthus, Prepodesma, Rabiea, Pleiospilos and Tanquana (Klak & al. 2013). The group is found outside the winter-rainfall region of South Africa. The status and generic placement of numerous species in this group has been subject to many changes. For example, the monotypic Prepodesma has been included in five different genera by different taxonomic treatments. Aloinopsis, Nananthus and Rabiea are particularly poorly known in terms of species delimitation.