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Antimima N.E.Br. in Gard. Chron., ser. 3, 87: 211. 1930 sec. Hartmann 20171
  • 1. Hartmann, H. E. K. 2017 – In: Hartmann, H. E. K., Illustrated handbook of succulent plants. Aizoaceae, ed. 2. – Berlin: Springer



A large genus of 96 species, which has never been revised. Most species were previously placed in Ruschia, but separated from the latter based on fruit characters. Hartmann (2001a) recognized five subgenera within Antimima, but did not indicate which species belong to which subgenus. The molecular study by Klak & al. (2013) suggests that Antimima is not monophyletic in its current circumscription. A detailed morphological and molecular study is needed to establish generic boundaries within the Antimima clade, in which several other smaller genera such as Brausia, Hammeria, Smicrostigma and Zeuktophyllum take part (Klak & al. 2013).