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Lithops N.E.Br. in Gard. Chron., ser. 3, 71: 44. 1922 sec. Cole & Cole 20171
  • 1. Cole, D. T. & Cole, N. A. 2017: Lithops. – In: Hartmann, H. E. K., Illustrated handbook of succulent plants. Aizoaceae, ed. 2. – Berlin: Springer



Lithops is one of the best known genera among collectors of succulents. Species and subspecies are largely distinguished by the colour and markings present on the flattened leaf tops. The genus was shown to be closely related to Schwantesia, Lapidaria and Dinteranthus by Klak & al. (2013). In view of the close morphological resemblance between the four genera in terms of fruit and floral characters, it needs to be re-investigated whether all of the genera should be maintained.