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Arenifera A.G.J.Herre in Sukkulentenkunde 2: 35. 1948 sec. R.F.Powell & al. 20161
  • 1. R.F.Powell, Boatwright, J. S., Klak, C. & Magee, A. R. 2016: Phylogenetic placement and generic re-circumscriptions of the multilocular genera Arenifera, Octopoma and Schlechteranthus (Aizoaceae: Ruschieae): Evidence from anatomical, morphological and plastid DNA data. – Taxon 65: 249261.


There are four species included in Arenifera (Hartmann 2001a). Since this group was not sampled by Klak & al. (2013), its phylogenetic position within the tribe Ruschieae remains uncertain.A,B,C


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