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Ruschia Schwantes in Z. Sukkulentenk. 2: 186. 1926 sec. Hartmann 20171
  • 1. Hartmann, H. E. K. 2017 – In: Hartmann, H. E. K., Illustrated handbook of succulent plants. Aizoaceae, ed. 2. – Berlin: Springer



A large genus including 206 species, for which no taxonomic revision has been compiled. Dehn (1993) recognized nine subgenera, of which only one has been studied further, Ruschia subg. Spinosae (Hartmann & Stüber 1993). However, it has since been established that Ruschia is not monophyletic in its current circumscription (Klak & al. 2013). The clade in which species of Ruschia s.str. are found is still poorly resolved, so that relationships of species groups of current Ruschia remain uncertain. In addition, much denser sampling is required to establish monophyly and relationships of the subgenera of Ruschia and their relationship to other members of the xeromorphic winter-rainfall clade (Klak & al. 2013).