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Hereroa (Schwantes) Dinter & Schwantes in Z. Sukkulentenk. 3: 15, 23. 1927 sec. Hartmann 20171
  • 1. Hartmann, H. E. K. 2017 – In: Hartmann, H. E. K., Illustrated handbook of succulent plants. Aizoaceae, ed. 2. – Berlin: Springer



Hereroa includes 27 species but lacks a taxonomic revision. The study by Klak & al. (2013) reveals Rhombophyllum (5 spp.) and Bergeranthus (10 spp.) as its closest relatives. Denser sampling may in addition show that Hereroa is not monophyletic, with Rhombophyllum likely to be nested within it. On account of the close morphological resemblance between these genera, generic limits need to be critically re-investigated.