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Hammeria Burgoyne in Cact. Succ. J. (Los Angeles) 70(4): 204. 1998 sec. Hartmann 20171 wfo-4000016807
      Type: Hammeria salteri (L.Bolus) Burgoyne
  • 1. Hartmann, H. E. K. 2017 – In: Hartmann, H. E. K., Illustrated handbook of succulent plants. Aizoaceae, ed. 2. – Berlin: Springer


A small genus consisting of only three species. The two species included in the molecular study by Klak & al. (2013) were not resolved as sisters. However, they were shown to group with other small genera such as Braunsia and Esterhuysenia in the Antimima clade (Klak & al. 2013).A,B


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