Drosanthemum Schwantes in Z. Sukkulentenk. 3: 14, 29. 1927 sec. Hartmann (2001a)



A large genus of 107 species, which has only partly been revised. With the exception of few misplaced species, the genus is thought to be monophyletic (Klak & al. 2003b; Klak & al. 2013). Hartmann (2007) recognized eight subgenera in Drosanthemum and also provided a key to the subgenera with a list of species included for each of them. Although also distribution maps were included for all eight subgenera, no vouchers were cited (Hartmann 2007), so that it remains uncertain on which material the maps were based. In addition, only one of the eight subgenera has so far been revised in part (Hartmann 2008). Since many species are threatened by agriculture or urban expansion, the genus is in urgent need of revision.