Mcneillia Dillenb. & Kadereit in Taxon 63: 78. 2014 sec. Dillenberger & Kadereit (2014)



Mcneillia was segregated from Minuartia L. by Dillenberger & Kadereit (2014) and a detailed phylogenetic study was performed by De Luca & al. (2022). According to their results, the most widespread and variable species, i.e., Mcneillia graminifolia, was not monophyletic in its previous circumscription. Some of its subspecies, i.e., subsp. hungarica and subsp. rosanoi deserve recognition as separate species. On the contrary, Mc. moraldoi has been reduced to a subspecies of Mc. rosanoi, as well as Mc. graminifolia subsp. clandestina. This latter amphiadriatic taxon. however, even if rather morphologically homogeneous throughout its range, is represented by two different genetic groups, one in Italy and one in the Balkan peninsula. De Luca & al. (2022) also proposed to raise Mc. saxifraga subsp. tmolea to the specific rank. Finally, Mc. graminifolia subsp. brachypetala was found to be a distinct species of genus Minuartiella, previously believed to occur only in W Asia.A
A. Del Guacchio, E. & Iamonico, D. 2022+: Mcneillia. – Published online at