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Comprising 33 species, ranging from the Canary Islands east to Kashmir. Shown to cluster as sister to a clade including Dianthus and Velezia by Harbaugh & al. (2010), Greenberg & Donoghue (2011) and Pirani & al. (2014). The genus has not been widely sampled. Although kept separate by Bittrich (1993c), most recent treatments of the genus include Kohlrauschia as a section in Petrorhagia following the monograph of Ball & Heywood (1964). This may deserve further investigation since Greenberg & Donoghue (2011) cited three samples in their study; a voucher of “P. velutina Guss.” (later name for P. dubia (Raf.) G. López & Romo) was shown as a sister to a clade including P. saxifraga (L.) Link and a second voucher of P. dubia; the identification of the vouchers should be verified.