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Physandra Botsch. in Lavrenko, Lipshitz & al., Akad. Sukachevu Sborn. Rabot: 114. 1956 sec. Botschantzev 19561
  • 1. Botschantzev, V.P. 1956: Akad. Sukachevu Sborn. Rabot. – In: Lavrenko, E. M., Lipshitz, S.Yu., Sochava, V. B. & Shishkin, B. K., Академику В.Н. Сукачеву к 75-летию со дня рождения: сборник работ по геоботанике, лесоведению, палеогеографии и флористике [To Academician V.N. Sukachev on the occasion of his 75th birthday: a collection of papers on geobotany, forestry, paleogeography and floristry]. – Academy of Sciences of the USSR Publishing



Physandra has not been included in any phylogentical study yet. It is presumably a member of Halimocnemis s.l. (Akhani & al. 2007).