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Pyankovia Akhani & Roalson in Int. J. Pl. Sci. 168(6): 949. 2007 sec. Akhani & al. 20071
  • 1. Akhani, H., Edwards, G. E. & Roalson, E. H. 2007: Diversification of the old world Salsoleae s.l. (Chenopodiaceae): Molecular phylogenetic analysis of nuclear and chloroplast data sets and a revised classification. – International Journal of Plant Sciences 168(6): 931-956.



Pyankovia is a recent segregate of Salsola s.l. and Climacoptera; it was initially described as a monotypic genus (Akhani & al. 2007). Further studies showed that the genus contains more than one species (Wen & al. 2010). There are probably at least three species distributed from southeasternmost Europe thorough the Caspian area, the Caucasus, and Iran to Central Asia (S. Mosyakin, unpubl. data).