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×Echinaageocereus Mordhorst in Kakteen And. Sukk. 62: 228. 2011 sec. Mordhorst 20201
    • 1. Mordhorst, A. 2020: Vorstellung intergenerischer Hybriden aus bisher monotypischen Hybridgattungen. – Kakteen und andere Sukkulenten 71(2): 39-45


    The hybrid formula for ×Chamygmaeocereus (Chamaecereus × Pygmaeocereus) did by mistake not include Lobivia. The hybrid used for the description of this nothogenus was derived from a cross between a Chamaecereus hybrid (Chamaecereus × postulated Lobivia) and Pygmaeocereus. For this same hybrid, the nothogenus ×Echinaageocereus was established in 2011. The hybrid formula (Echinopsis × Haageocereus) was based on the former taxonomic inclusion of both Chamaecereus and Lobivia into Echinopsis and the proposed inclusion of Pygmaeocereus into Haageocereus by Nyffeler & Eggli (2010). A


    A. Mordhorst, A. 2022: Updates to the Cactaceae species-level checklist for various nothogenera. – Published online at https://caryophyllales.org/cactaceae/Checklist.