Echinocereus dahliaeflorus

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Echinocereus dahliaeflorus

Echinocereus dahliaeflorus Moellers in Deutsche Gärt.-Zeitung 15: 148. 1900 sec. Britton & Rose 19221
    • 1. Britton, N. L. & Rose, J.N. 1922: Cactaceae 3


    Echinocereus dahliaeflorus, with an illustration, appeared in a reputable Garden Magazine (Möllers Deutsche Gärt. Zeit. 15: 148. 1900), issued on April 1st. The April Fool joke is so cleverly concealed that the editor deceived himself, for he carefully indexed the name at the end of the year. The name is to be ignored.A


    A. Britton, N. L. & Rose, J.N. 1922: Cactaceae 3