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Chenolea Thunb., Nov. Gen. Pl. 1: 9. 1781 sec. Kadereit & Freitag 20111
  • 1. Kadereit, G. & Freitag, H. E. 2011: Molecular phylogeny of Camphorosmeae (Camphorosmoideae, Chenopodiaceae): Implications for biogeography, evolution of C4-photosynthesis and taxonomy. – Taxon 60(1): 51-78.


This genus is distributed in southern Africa and comprises two perennial species (Snijman & Manning 2013; Kadereit & al. 2014). Other taxa previously placed in Chenolea are now mainly included in Bassia s.l. or Chenoleoides (see discussion under Bassia).A,B


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