Chenopodiastrum S.Fuentes, Uotila & Borsch in Willdenowia 42: 14. 2012 sec. Fuentes-Bazán & al. (2012b)
  • =Chenopodium [unranked] Hybrida Standl., N. Amer. Fl. 21(1): 13. 1916 syn. sec. Fuentes-Bazán & al. (2012b)
  • Chenopodium sect. Grossefoveata Aellen & Iljin ex Mosyakin in Ukrayins’k. Bot. Zhurn. 50: 75. 1993 syn. sec. Fuentes-Bazán & al. (2012b)
  • Chenopodiastrum sect. Grossefoveata (Mosyakin) Mosyakin in Phytoneuron 56: 6. 2013 syn. sec. Fuentes-Bazán & al. (2012b)



Chenopodiastrum is a widespread new genus with six or seven species and segregated from Chenopodium s.l. Its recognition is based mainly on molecular phylogenetic studies (Fuentes-Bazán & al. 2012a-b). The genus is subdivided into two groups, for which the sectional rank was proposed (Mosyakin 2013).