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Axyris L., Sp. Pl.: 979. 1753 sec. Kühn 1993
  • =Diotis Schreb., Gen. Pl. 633. 1791.: 633. 1791 syn. sec. Kühn 1993



Axyris, together with Krascheninnikovia and Ceratocarpus, constitutes the Axyrideae G. Kadereit & Sukhor. (Kadereit & al. 2010). The genus consists of six species mainly concentrated in the mountains of Central Asia and eastern Siberia (Sukhorukov 2011); some species (especially A. amaranthoides L.) occur as alien weeds in Eurasia and North America beyond their native range. Investigated species of the genus show heterocarpy (Sukhorukov 2005, 2011).