Phytolacca L., Sp. Pl. 1: 441. 1753 sec. Rohwer (1993a)



Phytolacca comprises c. 25-35 species of perennial herbs, shrubs, and trees distributed in North and South America, east Asia and New Zealand. The genus Nowickea is here included; it was characterised by a well-developed gynophore, green, herbaceous and often elongated tepals, and obovoid or obpyriform fruits with narrowly ellipsoid seeds (Martínez & McDonald 1989). Since its publication the genus was known only from the types and considered as distinct from Phytolacca. However, Cruz & Alcántara (2000) described several anomalous characteristics in P. icosandra L. and showed similarities with Nowickea. Recently, Ramírez-Amezcua & Steinmann (2013) showed that the Nowickea species correspond to anomalous plants of P. icosandra, the evidence was based on specimens showing the characteristic flowers of the species along with anomalous flowers (in one plant) showing the distinctive characteristics of Nowickea.