Petrocoptis A.Braun ex Endl., Gen. Pl., Suppl. 2: 78. 1842 sec. Oxelman & al. (2001)



Endemic to the Iberian Peninsula, in particular the Pyrenees. Species level taxonomy is controversial, with anything between one and 12 species (Cires & Prieto 2015) recognised. Phylogenetically, it occupies a position distinctly outside of the core Silene/Lychnis clade according to several putatively unlinked genes (e.g., Oxelman & Lidén 1995; Oxelman & al. 1997; Popp & Oxelman 2004), but the exact position varies, suggesting a possible ancient hybrid origin (Frajman & al. 2009b). Cires & Prieto (2015) confirmed the genus was monophyletic but noted that additional study was needed to resolve infrageneric relationships.