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  • =Tryphane Rchb., Icon. Fl. Germ. Helv. 5: 28; Nom. 205. 1841 syn. sec. Bittrich (1993c)
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Comprising c. 65 species (possibly 70, including some eastern European and western Asian taxa not yet transferred to Sabulina: S. Mosyakin, unpubl. data), all but two found in the Northern Hemisphere (Europe, Asia, and North America). Including members of six sections of McNeill’s (1962) Minuartia subg. Minuartia as well as Stellaria fontinalis (Short & Peter) B. L. Rob., these species form a clade that is sister to a clade including Facchinia, Sagina, and Colobanthus. Rabeler & al. (2014) suggested this clade may be further subdivided, possibly recognizing four other genera.