Caryophyllaceae Virtual Symposium 2022

Virtual Symposium
Phylogenetics and taxonomy of Caryophyllaceae
Current understanding of relationships and work towards an online species-level checklist
8.-10(-11). February 2022
exact time slots TBA
Hosted by the Botanic Garden & Botanical Museum Berlin
This symposium is intended to bring together researchers working on systematics, phylogenetics and taxonomy of Caryophyllaceae and has three major aims: 1) To present ongoing research, 2) to encourage collaboration and to promote community-building, and 3) to start working towards a comprehensive species-level taxonomic backbone of the Caryophyllaceae.
Topics of presentations should focus on: Genus-level or species-level phylogenetic studies, biogeography, morphology and character evolution, floristics and species inventories, regional flora treatments or regional checklists, revisions and monographs of specific taxa. Student presentations are very welcome.
The symposium will consist of sessions of presentations and one discussion session focusing on the approach towards assembling an online species-level taxonomic backbone for the Caryophyllaceae in the context of the Global Caryophyllales Initiative.
Registration and abstracts
Click here to register and submit your abstract. You can also provide a tentative title for your presentation and submit the abstract later.
Deadline for abstract submission: 9th January 2022
We hope to meet many of you at the symposium and look forward to your contributions!
Local organizing Committee
Nadja Korotkova
Walter Berendsohn
Markus Dillenberger
Scientific Committee
Richard K. Rabeler
Iraj Mehregan
Duilio Iamonico
Gianniantonio Domina
Bengt Oxelman