Tamarix L., Sp. Pl. 1: 270. 1753 sec. Gaskin (2003)



Tamarix with c. 60 species is most diversified in saline and wet habitats of the Old World and naturalized in Australia and the Americas, sometimes as aggressive invasive plants. It is one of the few lineages in Caryophyllales which contain large trees and shrubs with a significant role in carbon sequestration and vegetation under harsh and salty conditions. The taxonomy and phylogenetic reconstruction of Tamarix are challenging due to the absence of reliable constant characters and the occurrence of hybridization even among morphologically very different species (Gaskin & Kazmer 2009; Mayonde & al. 2015; Samadi & al. 2013; H. Akhani & T. Borsch, unpubl. data).