Parakeelya M.A.Hershk. in Phytologia 84: 101. 1998 sec. Hershkovitz (1998)



Based on phylogenetic analyses (Hershkovitz 1996), Hershkovitz (1998) transferred 35 Australian Calandrinia species to the new genus Parakeelya. However, the relationships of the species of this genus within Montiaceae are not well supported (Hershkovitz 1996; Hershkovitz & Zimmer 2000), so further studies are needed to evaluate its affinities. Australian botanists still continue to use the name Calandrinia for species assignable to Parakeelya.
The relationships of the Australian genus Rumicastrum are not clear. It was considered as a genus closely related to Atriplex (Chenopodiaceae). Carolin (1987) and Hershkovitz (1993) used the name to represent the Australian Calandrinias (Montiaceae); however, Hershkovitz & Zimmer (2000) opted to use the name Parakeelya for those taxa. Further studies are required to clarify the correct use of Rumicastrum.