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Guapira Aubl., Hist. Pl. Guiane: 308. 1775 sec. Bittrich & Kühn 1993
  • =Bessera Vell., Fl. Flumin.: 147. 1829, nom. illeg., syn. sec. Kew WCVP (2019)
  • =Gynastrum Neck. in Elem. Bot. 1: 224. 1790, nom. rej., syn. sec. Kew WCVP (2019)



A neotropical genus with c. 70 species, distributed from southern Florida to South America and the Antilles. It is closely related to Neea, also being dioecious and having fleshy fruits. Both genera form a complex and their distinctness has been questioned by several authors (e.g. Standley 1931; Burger 1983; Pool 2001; Douglas & Manos 2007), because they are distinguished only by the presentation of the stamens, which are included in Neea and exserted in Guapira. In the phylogenetic analysis by Douglas & Manos (2007) the two genera form a clade in which both are paraphyletic; however the authors question if this result was the effect of their sampling (Neea 3 spp. and Guapira 2 spp.) or whether the paraphyly is due to the lack of resolution between both genera. The genus needs a taxonomic revision and also needs to be evaluated in a phylogenetic analysis that includes an extensive sampling along with Neea.